x. Prelude --

For those of you who have been here before June 2001, you should recognize that this site was once CCSFP: CardCaptor Sakura Fantasy Paradise. However, due to a change of mind, this site has been renovated into a Mirror shrine. I hope you won't be too disappointed, but I believe that the clow cards need recognition as well, if not as much as the main characters.

Nevertheless, welcome to Reflection. This website is a small tribute to the Mirror card from the series CardCaptor Sakura. I've noticed that there are almost no shrines dedicated to the clow cards on the web. It's either a couple shrine, single shrine, or a site of CardCaptor Sakura in general. I have only come across one other shrine like mine, Eloquent Voice (now defunct), which is dedicated to the Song card. After debating for only about 2 days on which card I should do, I've decided to make a unique CardCaptor Sakura shrine on the Mirror card. CardCaptor Sakura has always been one of my favorite anime, and making a shrine on a character, couple, or just in general would definitely lack in uniqueness. So on this shrine, you will find in-depth information (as much depth as I can, with the little information given) as well as images, and everything else relating to the Mirror card. For more information on why I chose the Mirror card, please visit the Reasons section. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Be well,


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